You Can Say That Again: The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

You Can Say That Again: The Importance of Positive Self-Talk

Self-talk is something that everybody does. It’s statements you make to yourself that are positive and encouraging! Some examples are:
• I am going to be a good listener today and purpose to help people when I can.
• I love that it’s sunny today. I am going to purpose to appreciate every moment I can enjoy walking outdoors today.

People are now realizing the importance of positive self-talk. It’s a powerful tool and can increase your self-confidence. Positive self-talk can combat negative thoughts and emotions. People who have mastered positive self-talk are usually more motivated, confident, and productive.
Positive self-talk may come naturally to some people, but most of us have to learn how to focus on positive thoughts and eliminate negative thoughts and emotions.When you keep practicing it daily, it will become more natural to think and speak more positively. Good thoughts rather than negative and bad ones, will become top-of-mind.
Importance Of Positive Self-Talk
Self- talk can be both positive and negative. You can speak life into a dead situation,

or you can kill your dream with your words. Most self-talk wholly depends on your own personality. If you are optimistic, then their self-talk will be more positive and hopeful. If you are a pessimist, then their self-talk is totally opposite, which is negative.
Optimism (or positive thinking)can be effective for anxiety and is a great stress management tool. Having a positive perspective or outlook towards life can provide you with many health benefits as studies show people who are optimistic tend to have a better quality of life. Studies have also show people who recite positive quotes and wear clothing with a positive message helps to them stay focused on positive self-talk.
Self-talk is important in many ways. It is basically regarded as a script for people in order to frame their lives. Our thinking highly affects our lives. For example, if you constantly think negatively about someone or a situation, then you automatically get negative thoughts in your minds about everything. Your situation can then become worse due to a negative emotional reaction. Contrary to that, if you start seeing every situation with positivity, then it will definitely make the situation much better (and you’ll feel good about it). You’ll also feel good about yourself. We don’t have the power to control every situation. But, we can control our reaction towards it and,hence,makes them better.
Is your glass half-full or half-empty?
How you answer to this age-old question can determine the impact on your life’s outlook, and on your attitude towards life. Self-talk can also have effects on your health.
The Health Benefits Of Positive Thinking
Researchers continue to explore the effects of positive self-talk and optimism on health. The following are a few health benefits of positive thinking:
• Better physical and psychological well-being
• Lower stress levels
• Better coping skills during times of stress and hardships.
• Better resistance to common cold
• Healthier cardiovascular health as well as reduced death risk from cardiovascular disease
• Increased life span
• Lower rates of depression

One theory says that a positive attitudeempowers you to tackle better stressful situations as it reduces the harmful wellbeing effects of stress and anxiety on the body.
It is also thought that optimisticand positive people have a habit of to livingbetter lifestyles, and they get better physical activity, don't drink alcohol or smoke in excess.
So, think positively and keep your self-talk positive!


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